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She stripped the shirt off his shoulders & her lips set on action. She was devouring his shoulder and back, her hands caressed his chest & arms. Her lips slide lower, on his arms. She licked & loved his arms, palms and fingers. By now he was excited & she too was flooding with passion. Hugging him tightly, she pushed him down on the bed with her body. Now he rested on the bed & she lay beside him, smooching every bit of his torso and removing her pants simultaneously. Then following the trail of his hair with her lips, she reached his vortex. ‘He had only his briefs on him & now was her real test’, he thought. He looked at the bulging in his briefs for few seconds, then looked at him & then stroked it gently, then brushed her lips over it & kissed very lightly using her teeth & tongue. Heated intensity captured him from head to toe. She had passed her exam & he did no longer need to restrain himself. He wanted her nude in his arms now, but also wanted to enjoy her art of lovemaking.. It had been a most unexpected time. It scarcely seemed that it had been almost a week since they had got there.Gail was first to leave the breakfast table, giving each of the other five a big, loving kiss and hug, before collecting her things and driving off to work.Peter and Dave collected all their things and packed them in the boot. Wendy then drove all five to the airport. As they said goodbye, Wendy told them not to be strangers and keep in touch."Hopefully we'll see you again before the baby is born" she told them, as she hugged and kissed all three. Even Peter got a warm kiss from her.Kellie, of course, was even more passionate in her kiss and cuddle of the three travellers, pressing her groin against each of the men as she cuddled and hugged them, telling them how much she had enjoyed the whole time they had been here.Finally, Dave, Peter and Jill thanked Wendy and Kellie again, profusely before going through security and boarding their plane.Two surprisingly sad girls drove.
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