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"It'slike he is testing a theory."Turning Ventar asked, "What's that, Sweets?" Oh sorry, I shouldn't have interrupted." No, it's okay, Verissa and I are just going round and round, maybeyour thoughts can straighten us out." Well it's strange that the general is doing something new. It's likehe's testing something out and doesn't care if he wins or loses." Ventar, check to see if the General is between contracts." Verissasaid."Will do. Yes, yes, he is. Why?" See if you can find out who has been courting him. Maybe he'sconducting a feasibility test, before committing to a hire." Interesting, I'll get right on it."Sascha did not stick around to see what Ventar learned, instead,delivering a snack to Verissa. Who, based upon the appreciative way shesqueezed his thigh, just below his skirts, seemed pleased withsomething more than the food.The next hours proved why the Arena seats usually stayed empty. Purple,Green, and Red were content to wait upon Yellow, Black, and White, allof whom. Now she was only in her pink panty and the best part was, the tt and some other people were walking in and out of the compartment each time and that was the first time we were just behind curtains and the first time in a moving train (of course, we did have a few moments in public before but all discretely but still the train was special).Now I pulled her panty down and finally our whole bare bodies were fully in contact. The AC within the curtains and the body heat and the thin white sheets given in the AC compartment, it was just too perfect. Frankly, it’s not that I could or not that she never allowed me, but we always wanted to save our virginity (virginity mean not to tear her hymen and apart from that we did everything) till we got married. It might sound kiddish, but yes we always wanted to.It is difficult for a guy to control when his girl asks him to fuck her. I was now on top of her and I did some small pushes when my dick was really hard so that her pussy aches a little but.
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