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She was a short girl, but her curves were the root of all envy in every other girl she encountered. Her short peach satin nightgown hugged her curves, not that one could tell, since she was snuggled up on her sofa, covered by a downy blanket and a fluffy bathrobe. A knock at her door startled her. She tossed her blanket off her, set her tea on the coffee table. Her bare feet made a light pitter-patter on her wood floors as she made her way to the door. She unlocked the door. It clicked, and then creaked as she opened it. Her eyes widened. "Hey honey, I'm home early." It was her boyfriend, who'd been working out of town for nearly a month. Twila gripped the shoulder areas of his jacked, pulled him closer, and stood on her tiptoes to kiss him. "I'm so happy to see you! I've missed you so much, Justin!" Twila squealed excitedly, blushing as a smile replaced the shock on her face. He walked in, and she closed the door behind him as he kicked off his boots and made his was into the large. If there is a ‘loose’ individual, then either Roger or Heather would join in. I may possibly know the same sex person in the holding room, or I may have just met them in the holding room. They may have come with their partner wife or just a friend. You are not permitted to talk about this. The house is large, with one very large room which holds three beds, and a few large armchairs. In the invitation I was sent there was a picture of what the room looks like. That is because when I am lead into the room, the room is pitch black, no lights at all. So the picture gives you the layout of where things are. Each person is blindfolded and led into the room at timings chosen by Roger and Heather. The blind fold is taken off once in the room. I still have clothes on, it is upto me if I want to take them all off, or just one or two items. Remember no lights, so might be difficult to find clothes again. One very strict rule is no one is to speak a word to another guest in the room. No.
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