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As advertising manager, I was entitled to a fairly large and well-decorated office. We were sitting in two couches that occupied one corner or the room. I never liked talking to people across a desk; it just seemed impersonal.Todd wanted to see the drafts for a new promotion we were planning, so I called my secretary Rochelle and asked her to bring them in. When she did, Todd's jaw dropped right through the carpeting."Everything OK?" I asked."That was Rochelle, wasn't it? She's been your secretary for about five years now?" Yeah, that's her." What's with that skirt she's wearing?"It was a fairly conservative black, knee-length, fitted skirt with one unusual feature. "You mean, what's with the fly in front?" Well yeah. I mean, she isn't, uh..." Yeah, she got herself an implant a little while ago. I guess it'll start showing soon." Oh, that's a shame. I always thought she was such an attractive girl." She still will be. I mean, nothing else changes." Well, yeah, I know, but I really. ‘You’ll promote your song and make money for the hospital fund. I’m not upset about not being included. We’re going to be apart a lot in the future and we have to deal with it. You can bet I’ll be watching the show and wishing you and Jordan the best.’ Thursday morning found Jordan sitting next to Steve on a flight to LA. ‘This is going to be a great chance for us to promote our song! There’ll be millions of people watching us tonight. I’m so excited!’ Steve looked at Jordan and managed a weak grin. ‘Millions of people? Doesn’t that make you a little nervous? Aren’t you worried about screwing up on live TV?’ ‘I’ve been doing this for years. I don’t get nervous anymore. There’s nothing to worry about. We’ll do fine. I’m so glad that Clyde hooked me up with you and Gwen. You guys have worked miracles on my career. I owe you both and I won’t forget it.’ Steve and Jordan managed some time to practice their song and get comfortable with the set before they performed. When the curtain went.
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