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I was shown into a windowless office. From the pictures, knickknacks and the nameplate that read "Special Agent R.A. Dale", I figured out it was Robert's office. I sat down behind his desk and put my feet up on it, just in time for him to come in.He was talking over his shoulder to a gaggle of standard G-Men, neatly-dressed white men in their 30's. I caught a glimpse of a really cute Asian female in the hallway but I was diverted by Robert's warm greeting."Get your feet off my desk." Suiting actions to words he caught my ankles and dumped my legs on the floor. He never even commented about what great legs they were, darn him. He waved a folder at the table set up in the middle of the office and introduced me to his associates. They didn't seem happy to meet me. I wasn't sure if that was because I'm a vampire, or because I'm CIA.Some people are very leery about working with vampires. I suppose you can't blame them. After all, when was the last time you got a solid recommendation from. Damn, why is my heart beating so hard I can feel it in my ears? Is it me, or did it suddenly get hotter inside the elevator? ‘Slow down Girl!’ I tell myself, he’s just a man, this is just a date, nothing more, nothing less. If that’s the case why am I so anxious with anticipation? Usually I’m the one surprising men like this, feels funny to have the tables be turned and it’s on me. I step off the elevator, make my way down the hall until I’m in front of the door of the suite. I hear soft music playing behind the door and I wonder just what the hell am I getting myself into. Is this something that I want? Well, it was too late to turn back now, the limo was gone. I knocked softly on the door, my breathing is fast, my heart feeling as if it was skipping a beat or two. I can’t sweat, not now! Sweating isn’t sexy! I try to make myself laugh, trying to be relax. I’m actually thinking about how to be posing when he opens the door! Is this crazy or what? I’m a grown woman and here I am.
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