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I need to have my cunt rubbed. I make her reach back and unzip my pants. Next I have her slide her index finger down to my clit. Yes! Oh that’s it. I have her rub my clit. But her finger can barely reach my clit, and she’s rubbing though my panties. And, damn it, some lubrication would be great. I have an ample supply, but my pants are too tight on me for her to be able to dip into my cunt. I should have worn a skirt! OK, this isn’t working. I make her get off of me. I start to get up myself but I had her shove me back down onto the bed and stand in front of me with a hand on her hips (the other one was still on her mouth). My camera bag was unzipped. I had her reach into a corner of the bag and … ah here it is. She had it in her hot little hands. An O-ring gag. I didn’t let her turn her hands to see what it was, but I think she caught a glimpse. – The next part was going to be a little tricky. I to get her mouth open to use the gag. I had the hand covering her mouth push apart her. . He smiled back and decided to walk over and introduce himself! "Hi i'm Alex, nice to meet you" "Im Chelsea, likewise" :) We connect like old friends instantly chatting about shit that has no real importance, but seems soothing and nice to the ears. A few drinks later the flirting starts, He noticed me looking at his bum as he got the next round of drinks in, I blushed knowing I'd just been caught. "I love a man in a suit and tie" I said! "Funny, I like a lady in heels an office short skirt even if she is wearing black tights" "These are stockings" I smiled "I can prove it if you want?"He agreed to see the evidence.... I took his hand and placeed it on my knee, perfectly natural so noone else in the bar would suspect what is happening! He started to slide his hand up my thigh, just under the top of my skirt helm. He touched the soft skin at the top of my leg. He decided to try his luck and continue further! to his surprise I allow him to continue, further he went slowly so not to.
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