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It’s not for everyone. But what is it that you wish to do with your life, Ian?’ ‘You have already done so much for me, Uncle. I couldn’t possibly ask you to help me further.’ ‘I’ll tell you what. Let’s make this an exchange. You have something that I want, and I may be able to help you. So you tell me your wish and I’ll tell you mine, and together we can see if we can make both our dreams come true, shall we?’ Ian pondered a minute. What could he possibly have that Jonas would want? He decided to take a chance. ‘I want to work in the hospital. I would like to work in the nursery, but if that’s not possible, anywhere will do. I do have a nursing degree, although I’m sure I need some continuing education to bring me back up to speed with things.’ ‘I know the hospital administrator in the biggest hospital in the county. It’s in the neighboring town, but that’s not a bad commute. Let me call him and see what you would need to be licensed here. I can let you know in the next couple of. " That is not relevant to my showing you my suite," Selina responded, trying to avoid the subject.Terri smiled at the six-year-old as they walked. "Uh, I have a question, though. I mean, you don't call Mr. or Mrs. Matthews Daddy or Mom..." They are not my parents – well, at least not biologically, however..." Selina almost said that she wished they were, but said, instead, "My mother and father are traveling, and this is my semi-permanent residence. Perhaps it would be pertinent to say home rather than residence for I love the Retreat and everyone in it, with particular emphasis on my Prime and my Queen."Selina held the outer suite door open for her guests. As Terri and Alice stepped into the sitting room, they had expected to see dolls, toys and games suitable for a six-year-old girl, but there were none. Instead, the coffee table had a number of technical magazines strewn on it. A corner bookshelf was stacked with text books, among them math, physics, chemistry and biology as well.
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