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But when something happens and you end up like us, single parents with an only child of the opposite gender, you end up living together as a man and a woman. When they're little it's no big deal, except that you're used to giving them hugs and kisses and loving them and letting them sit on your lap and all that. And, as they begin to mature, they take on more and more of the role that the missing person would have done."In your case Jack became the man of the house, so he started feeling like the man of the house, with all that implies. In my case it was Mandy who began to think of herself in a sort of wife-like way. She's been taking care of me as much as I take care of her."Now, add in the fact that in a regular family, the kids don't think about their parents' sex lives. But because we're both single parents, our kids think about that because they know we're missing something. They want us to be happy. They actually think about us needing a sexual partner in our lives. Then. After an hour or so I heard someone say – the room wasn’t locked?To which Priyanka replied- may be I forgot to.I was listening to all there conversation from the neighbouring room.I came to know they were leaving.As soon as the main door was shut I came out of the room and saw Priyanka still naked.She was scared and surprised to see me.Priyanka- what the hell you are doing here? How did you get in? Were you supposed to come at 6 in the evening?Me- yes, I was but chuck it who were they tell mePriyanka was grabbing some clothes and I snatched up and asked her who were they.Priyanka- no one, gimme my clothesMe- no tell me first and I saw sindoor on that girl’s foreheadPriyanka knew she wouldn’t go off with this and took me to her room and started explainingPriyanka- ok first promise you won’t utter a word about thisMe- yeah surePriyanka- he was my exMe- oh , who was that girl his wife?Priyanka- yesMe- how the hell did she agreed for threesomePriyanka- well, we have been having sex from.
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