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’ Beca smiled and just relaxed on my shoulder. Frank Sinatra’s ‘Fly Me to the Moon.’ Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love.’ Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect.’ Michael Jackson’s ‘You Are Not Alone.’ The Carpenters’ ‘Close to You.’ Gavin James’ ‘The Book of Love.’ I had some others, but you get the idea. When I finished and turned off the recorder Beca suddenly pretended to be asleep. I set my guitar in its stand and reached over to carry her to bed. Mom, Dad, and Pey had left for church so I figured a little nap before I uploaded my video wouldn’t hurt anything.Beca cuddled into my arms and pulled my left over her waist. I felt her fuss a little and then my hand made contact with her bare tummy. She pushed it up from there and soon I was cupping her perfect little tit in my hand, just softly caressing it. She sighed.“I really like my breasts,” she said. “I hope you do, too.”There was no school Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Mom had me drive her to work and told me to go to Louie’s. What a waste of a very nice looking piece of ass though, she's in love with her work and proudly admits that she's much too busy for a boyfriend. The National Enquirer has a standing million dollar reward for any photo showing her in any sort of romantic embrace with a man, or any woman for that matter. The Weekly World News maintains she's in a love triangle with a space alien and Bat Boy, but those pics make even FARK photoshops look believable in comparison.I wondered if she was even more socially awkward than I am. Maybe this was just her way of wanting to ask me out on a date?Today however, she was certainly not in the mood for any romantic dalliance, or at least not with me. Dusting the debris from my ceiling off of her magnificent spandex covered breasts, she stopped for a one-liner or two. Something along the lines of "Desist! Foul miscreant your reign of evil is now at an end!" Yawn. The flourish of her cape while she denounced me was a very nice touch I do admit. I wonder.
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