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"Tanyee crawled on her hands and knees towards Roquan, moving slowly from the restraints, the chains clinking softly. As she reached him, she lifted a hand to take the scroll from her mouth."That is not how a dog would deliver that scroll to her master, Tanyee."Tanyee flushed red with embarrassment. She placed her hands on Roquan's knees as a dog might place her paws and leaned over to drop the scroll from her mouth into his lap.Roquan presented a hand to the girl. Tanyee paused a moment before giving Roquan's hand a few licks with her tongue, her cheeks now burning with humiliation as she blinked back tears."Return to where you were," Roquan ordered.Tanyee sniffed once, her eyes even more downcast than before. Roquan's eyes roamed over her, as if searching for an answer. He briefly looked at the odd red spot on her shoulder, but ultimately paid it no mind.Just as he began to unroll the parchment, Sirinna entered from outside."Master Roquan, I have just returned from... oh!" Sirinna. I almost tossed the core away, but I realized that it might raise questions. I tucked it deep in the reeds and took a nap.When I woke up it was near dark and I had a visitor. A 2 ½ foot long snake was sticking his tongue out at me. I don't like snakes, I was born and bred in the Big Apple. I could deal with rats, even the big ones down on the docks, but the way snakes moved without legs, is unnatural to me. It was reddish brown and right in front of me. I tried not to breathe and stared it down. It finally slithered off and I took a deep breath. I don't think I scared it off, it was probably just hungry.I got up out of those reeds as fast as I could. I looked at a copy of the map that Sarah gave me. There were four Xs that I had to check out here. I would try visit all of them tonight and look at the spot on the north east coast of the island. The first X was at the front gate on a small hillock. It only took me a few minutes of searching until I found the hidden compartment. Inside.
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