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”“It’ll be difficult not discussing it.” There was more background noise. “Hey, it was terrific talking to you. We’ve got a couple incoming flights, so I need to go. You’re clear to land. Good luck with the brass, but you owe us a full explanation once this is over.”“Affirmative, Jeb. You’re on,” Eric answered before breaking off contact, trying to touch down as soon as possible.This was problematic, limiting how long they could prepare their answers, but they couldn’t keep it private for long, anyway. The longer they waited, the more the public would accuse them of covering something up. The race was on. He knew he wouldn’t rest until they had something to reveal to the press.Eric used the hanger manager’s phone to call for a cab. It was a short distance to the Cape, but without his car, he had no way to get there. There was no way he wanted to ask anyone at NASA to pick him up. Aside from his personal pride, he was afraid they’d be so shocked they’d send a fleet of government. I look at him and find myself getting wet he had such power over my body that I was beginning to think he might be right I smiled and told him fine I will try to do what you want and make you happy . We walk in and the place is full of people we go to the bar and he orders us a drink I was glad he had ordered Tequila because I needed a good stiff drink at that moment I saw a very tall man walking towards us. I say hello turn to the bartender and order a shot of the strongest tequila they have I drink it and do not care that Paul and his for man Tony are looking at me I order another and do the same. I turn and smile at both the men having decided in the time that it took to drink those shots that I might be his to do with as he wants but I damn sure was going to have a say in whom he would have me do. Tony took my hand in his and we three walked over to the table in the back of the bar , sitting were I must say very good looking men I glanced at Paul and he smiled at me not.
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