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" I whined just as Mary came in and joined us. She was dressed in a white, long-sleeved blouse and black slacks and she still looked a little embarrassed."Sorry about coming out like that, I didn't realize you were already here Jimmy." Mary said meekly."Mary," I answered, "I assure you that you have nothing to be sorry or embarrassed for. Dressed or undressed you're a very beautiful woman that any man would feel privileged to look at."Mary flushed red and then she quickly walked over and poured herself a glass of orange juice obviously trying to hide her unease.Clarity started talking about all the places she wanted to take Mary shopping which relieved some of the previous sexual tension but Mary voiced some very strong objections about us spending any more money on her."Oh, Jimmy doesn't mind." Clarity assured Mary. "Do you Jimmy?" Not in the least." I responded. "It'll do you good to get out and do some shopping. And you'll feel a lot better about yourself once you have a wardrobe. ? Kailya answered with a small smile. ?Excellent.? Khalim finished his wine and cast a spell, the black marble pieces shaped and twisted as if clay in a potters hands. ?Impressive magic, you are a sorcerer?? The Queen asked the question she already knew the answer to. Khalim bowed slightly, the black marble pieces had changed from their standard western pieces of footmen, knights, towers and bishops to the eastern pieces, Mamaluks, Farii, Dome shaped siege towers and Speakers of the True Faith. ?The Shai-ir recognised my talent at a young age, my brother chose the sword, I chose the book.?. Kailya nodded impressed, there was no doubting the adepts self confidence, she had only recently pierced his pattern, a strong, complex series of interlinking silver threads, he was a powerful and accomplished mage. ?In my land, beautiful woman must always go first.? He conceded with a magnanimous bow. It took three moves for Khalim to stop grinning, Queen Kailya was no novice, this board.
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