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They sent me to Uma aunty who is in the next apartment to ours.To say about Uma aunty, she is in her early 30’s. She is not that much slim, but good body. She is not that much fair, but quite attractive. I didn’t get attracted to her in the beginning. I went to her tuition regularly and I got good marks in the quarterly exams too. She is very friendly to me. There are some sorrows in her life too. She doesn’t have a child since there is some problem with her husband. I came to know that her husband could not satisfy her sexually. Days passed and it all happened in one fine Sunday.She asked me to come at 9 o clock in one Sunday. Her husband left for Mumbai for office work the day before. I went to her house and was waiting. She told to wait for 5 more minutes since she was bathing after 5 minutes she came out. That’s the moment I was attracted to her.She came out with one towel wrapped around her body, with loose hair and watery skin and droplets of water falling down from her hair. I. Or do you want to let me off this one?" Oh, no! I'd forgotten... oh well, I suppose you'd better. But make it quick!"Honeymoon over, obviously.She turned over to lay face-down on the bed. I got out my little tube of jelly, and applied it carefully to her anus, then to my trusty sword. The insert was easy enough - she'd loosened up quite a bit in the last couple of days. But then things started to go wrong. I tried moving in and out gently. I tried slamming in and out hard. Nothing. A perfectly good erection, but the earth certainly wasn't moving."Come on, Jack! Hurry up and do it!" Sorry, love. Nothing's happening back here." I knew it! You've been pleading for a chance like this for years, and now when it comes you're not up to it!" It's not that. I'm rock-hard, as I'm sure you can tell. It's just the... well, the urge, I suppose. It's missing. Maybe if you could let up on the nagging, and sweet-talk me a little..." You're doing this deliberately! That's what I say to you, isn't.
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