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“Oh! Oh! Oh yes!” Mika cried out, and then screamed into Rachel’s folds as she came. Her back arched up from the bed, pressing her breasts against Rachel’s body and the blonde’s firm globes against her. The sudden motion caused Chaytan to slip free of his wife’s depths, and he took the opportunity to quell his own approaching climax. The ache in Rachel’s depths intensified as she stared at Chaytan’s cock, twitching only inches away from her face. A thick, creamy coating of Mika’s juices covered him, and he breathed heavily as he tried to keep his own cream from erupting. Once Mika released her from the tight grip of her fingers, Rachel lifted a knee and moved to give the panting woman some air. She slipped two fingers deep inside her as she knelt next to her quivering friend, unable to endure her own needs any longer. Mika’s eyes opened and she moaned upon seeing her husband drinking in both of the women before him. “Do...” She began, but a wave of orgasmic energy stole her breath. She would wrap the bra around her body with the hooks at the front, holding up her breasts a little with her arms. She slowly hooked all 5 hooks from bottom to top, slowly turned the bra clockwise until the cum-covered cups were just under her breasts. Katrina then pulled up the cups and her big breasts fell into the cum-covered cups. She leaned down to pull as much breast as possible into the cups. She then finally put her arms through the straps, first the left arm while holding up her left breast with her right hand, then the same for the right side. What an amazing sight to behold as my hard-on returned yet again and an amazing feeling for Katrina with my cum against Katrina’s massive breasts. At this point, it was her turn for me to do as she says. First, she wanted me to play with her massive breasts. I would knead, caress, squeeze, massage, and grab from behind those heavenly juggs. Katrina got even more turned on by this and wanted to see me cum all over her bra. She grabbed.
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