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About an hour later, his wife leaves his grasp, rolls over and moves to her own side of the bed. It is strange that she has been acting this way because normally any type of intimacy between them has been strained to the point of breaking. He waits several minutes, assessing her breathing pattern, and once convinced that she is deeply asleep, the man stealthily crawls out of the bed, dons his robe and slips to Zaria’s room. He gets hallway there before pausing. As much as he knows the risk, he cannot resist the hunger that he now has for his daughter. He continues to her door and creeps in, closing and locking it right behind him.The change in lighting is dramatic, causing the Ish to stir. She looks up at the shadowy figure approaching her bed, lit only by the moonlight from her window. “Daddy?” she whispers, slightly groggily. “Is that you?”“Yes,” a whispered hiss comes from the man. “Is it okay if I spend some time with you?”A smile comes to the girl’s face when her father sits on. ” said Karen.“Of course I won’t kill them,” L’vant assured her. “We need to stop the fighting and make peace, that’s why I need to capture them.”“Fantastic!!” Karen beamed from ear to ear. “Their location won’t be where we were last based as the 2nd Mass have a protocol of moving hideouts if any of their number goes missing. We may be able to track their general direction but even if you find their base they’ll have booby traps set up as well as numerous escape routes. What we need to do is find someone to lead them away into an ambush in a safe place for their capture.”“Who should that be?” asked L’vant.“It cant be me, they’ll be suspicious of me escaping unharmed. I’ll draw up a list of candidates to look for in your prisoner camps.”“Excellent,” L’vant smiled. “I’m glad you are seeing things our way.”“Can I have a reward now?”“Anything you like.”She eyed his huge hard cock and started sucking it.The top name on Karen’s list of candidates was found 4 weeks later. Rebecca Mason had.
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