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“I’m up to speed on a lot of things but not everything. Is there anything I absolutely need to stay away from?”I was preparing a list in my head but I didn’t get the chance to offer it.“Just stick to the basics,” Liz answered.“One question,” Adele asked. “Have you ever worked with anybody from Caliphate?”“Not that I know of,” Liz answered. “I can’t say for certain because I don’t know who they represent.”“I’m going to send a list of their artists to your email,” Adele replied, cutting me out of the conversation completely. “Let me know before the call if you know any of them ... professionally or socially.”Liz gave me a questioning look.“The first thing we need to do is to distance you from Caliphate,” I told her. “We can’t come out and say that you have no connection whatsoever to the label and then have somebody else point out that one of their acts started as your backup singer or that you used to date one of their top-level executives. So we need to know if you know anybody there. She turned, and retraced her steps. Each Master saw the perfect line of her young figure: the slender tummy, the neatly shaped ass, the cleavage held by her bra. Her long fingernails and her toenails were painted the same gold colour as her underwear. She came full circle, to rest just behind the basket. Slowly, as if in a dream, she put her arms behind her and undid the catch of the bra. Her breasts tumbled out as she discarded the garment, and dropped it in the basket. She slipped down her thong, revealing a perfectly shaved pussy. The thong went into the basket as well. She moved in front of the guillotine and faced the audience, holding herself to attention. Frances noticed her line of gaze was no longer on the Masters - she was looking up at the ceiling. Perhaps the sight of her Master with his new girl in her place playing with his cock upset her. She abruptly turned round, displaying her bottom, parted her legs, and then bent over, hands clutched to her ankles. Frances could.
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