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“Maybe you should try oral,” one of my friends joked. I did finish his class with an A- at least. But being that I couldn't imagine my life without those four hours of him every week I took another class he was offering. This one significantly more difficult since the writing focus was more rhetoric than it was creative. I spent far more time in his office this semester, discussing books to the binding. I was slowly falling more and more in love with him. The problem was that his job wasn't permanent, and today was his “teaching preview.” Yes in all honesty it would be like going to any other class of his, and I had no real reason to get dolled up, but I just felt the need to look good for him. God, what the hell was I doing falling for my professor. I heard a knock at the door. “It's open,” I called. In walked my friend Alexander, who also crushed on Kennick until we discovered the poet didn't bat on his team. “Come on child, we're gonna be late.” “Calm your tits, it takes five. ’ Now he knew she didn’t understand. He didn’t want to not be with her. It had nothing to do with her. It was just too complicated. He pushed himself off the floor, intending to explain. ‘Look, Jason. Really. I do get it. I know you didn’t mean what you said last night and I understand why you said it. But, I still have to come to therapy. We still have to see each other twice a week and…I don’t want it to be weird. So…thank you for giving me a ride and letting me dump on you, and…let’s just leave it at that, okay? He could tell from the tone of her voice and the determination in her face that she wouldn’t listen to anything he had to say right now. ‘Fine. But…at least let me drive you back to your car. Come on.’ After a few seconds she put down the phone and grabbed her purse from the dining room table. The ride back to the hospital parking garage was quiet. Jason didn’t know how to approach the subject and Alexis obviously wasn’t in the mood to talk. When they reached her car and.
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