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He’d gotten into some scrapes himself. “What happened?”“Our mothers made us go to her sickbed and apologize. We went in one at a time, and I went first. She was gracious and thanked me, but when Matthew came in with a bunch of flowers he’d stolen from her Mama’s garden, you could see the mad in her eyes.”Finishing his drink, he set the glass aside. “Being a somewhat wiser young lad, I escaped outside to wait. Matthew came back down with a black eye and a bloody nose, and informed me that he was going to marry her.”“He made good on his word, then. I’m glad for him.”“She held on to that grudge for nearly ten years, Dr. Walsh. We told him over and over she’d have nothing to do with him. He persisted, despite all her nasty tricks.”“She hit me in the head with a rock.”“Ah.” Archie smirked. “She wasn’t so kind to Matthew, I’m afraid. Nothing destructive or hurtful, you understand, but her pranks were ... imaginative and quite messy.”He chuckled, imagining Abby as a young girl, chasing off. ”“You have no idea, John. Thank you. Is the monorail going to work like we thought?”He nodded. “Seems to be. The first load last night was eight troops, four in power armor, and four scribes, to help organize things here. Second run of the night was eight more troops and two of those supply line robots, so they could learn how to get here and coordinate things. The problem is power, which is what we were afraid would happen. There’s a reactor, somewhere, that’s powering the lights in here. There’s capacitors that the monorail uses to get up to starting speed from a full stop, and those are drained with two runs in a day.”“Then our first priority is to get the original Nuka-World power plant back up, it seems.”James nodded. “One of the former slaves mentioned it, showed me on a map where it would be. It’s supposed to be infested with ghouls, and there are many other creatures specific to this Wasteland that we don’t have in the Boston area as well.”He saw the look on my face. “And yes,.
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