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The omniscient, reality-bending entity tuts at this revelation and as fate would have it, thrusts the poor soul back into the world, making one key difference: it would overwhelm this individual with sex, whether they wanted it or not. The fix (to this strange, perverted spirit) was simple enough: everyone on the planet now believed that the only way to properly punish this special someone is sexually!This special someone’s name is… Adam Grant. (This can be changed in the sidebar.)The New World:For whatever reason, it seems your character is now unable to go long without incurring some sort of infraction as if you're now stuck walking on thin ice. No matter where you go it seems female authority figures are eager to get on your case for something or other, even for things that would barely constitute more than a warning.However, this newfound unluckiness carries a strange benefit; it seems whatever magical force behind this has also recently caused everyone to think the most logical. I adjusted my grip on her hair, pulling her head back up. I pulled out and rammed back in watching her ass jiggle ever so slightly from that impact, table squeaking as it slid on the floor. I built up a steady pace, watching as my cock disappeared into her cunt. I closed my eyes, losing myself in the incredible sensation. Time lost all meaning, we moaned, grunted, words of pleasure and desire exchanged between us as we fucked. I felt her push back against me hard, her legs shaking as she arched herself right up, hands grabbing at my head to hold herself up. I let my hands release their holds on her and grabbed her tits, palms rolling over her hard nipples as I continued to piston in and out of her, not relenting on her this time. I pulled her back into me with each thrust, determined to make her feel every bit of pleasure I could.I felt her legs going weak. I slowed to a stop, Standing there, Holding her up. Camille panted, sweat glistened off her back. I gently massaged her tits,.
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