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She is sure shehas been hoodwinked by a band of unscrupulous cutthroats who have no intentionof fulfilling the contract she entered into. They have her money... Theywill do with her as they please. Probably torture her to death and dispose ofher like a used condom. Then again, didn't she make this compactvoluntarily? Wasn't it for her to be tortured? Welcome to reality bitch!Finally after what seems to Joy an eternity, the bolt on the iron door slidesback, her cell door opens. Two attendants lower her to the floorand remove the cuffs from wrists and ankles. They place her on a gurneyand strap her down.. They wheel her to a large shower room where others pushher under fierce jets of nearly scalding water. Attendants scrub and rinse her,then dry her. A large nozzle is forced up her rectum and 3 hot soapy waterenemas, flush her out. They take her to a spotlessly clean room where she istold to lie on one of the tables covered with white sheets and is given amassage to make the. Sahil become playful in no time and was tickling Priya. She squealed, “Sahil, stop it, behave yourself! What will Rahul think?” I am sure he thinks you are a very sexy and beautiful girl, he said kissing her on the cheek.“Don’t do that you will get excited,” Priya said.“Who says I’m not. Look at this,” Sahil said, pointing towards his cock.“You’re just mad Sahil,” she said. “What do I do with him, Rahul?” she said, running her hand on my thigh. To answer her I just put her hand on my growing dick. Very much to my surprise, she didn’t remove it.See, even he is helpless; you are a beautiful and sexy girl, saying this Sahil opened the knot of Priya’s top and pulled it off. Her beautiful, firm tits were free, the nipples hard. Sahil then slid his hand between her legs placing it on her pussy rubbing it.“Sahil, what are you doing?” she squealed, her hand still on my dick.“Just what you like,” Sahil said, and began to finger her pussy. She was done and she moaned with pleasure tightening.
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