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I was told this is his phone number."She held her thumb over the mic, "I think she may have hung up. Hello. Is anyone there?" She looked at the display and saw she was still connected.She was about to hang up when, "Hello? Yes. This is Bethany Collins. I am trying to reach Mr. Karl Ellis." Beth was listening to whoever was at the other end. "Yes. That would be my mother."They continued talking for about a minute before Beth finished up. "Yes. I will. Yes. Thank you. That would be very much appreciated."When she finally hung up, she looked very sad. She went and got her mom and with both of us sitting there, she relayed everything she had learned. It would seem that Karl's wife had answered the phone, but then she handed the phone over to her daughter, Clarice. Apparently both the wife and daughter knew all about Brenda and Bethany.Three days prior, Karl had been moved to a hospice facility. His cancer had taken a turn for the worse and they said he could go at any time. Clarice had. ..well I learned them when I was achild. Finally it's 6pm and my classes are done for the day with the onlyassignments being to continue reading the books. Another five minute cabride and another eleven pounds and I'm walking up the stairs to my floor,when there is a loud blaring sound coming from my backpack which nearlyscares me to death. I hurry up the rest of the stairs and down the hall tomy apartment, once I am inside I open the backpack to see a small shinyobject lit up with the name Jade on it and a loud noise coming from it. Myother life's memories kick in again and tell me that it is a cell phonethat allows people to speak to each other over long distances among otherthings and Jade is a girl that I met last week that I have been hangingout with lately.I pick up the phone and press the answer key and say, "Hello?" Ah there you are Anna I was wondering if you were going to ever answer!"says a woman with a beautiful voice and accent that my memories tell me isFrench.It takes.
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